Mike          - that's me

This is just a history for me to remember. :-)

6/10/01 - Hey, we've got our own domain now! Actually, two of them!

6/3/01 - That's been a while, huh? Converted resume into HR-XML-compliant format, and generated HTML and Word versions.

2/20/99 - Moved to xoom.com. Updated links. Use Macromedia Dreamweaver instead of Microsoft Front Page.

1/02/99 - Photo gallery redesigned. Added Summer, Winter, Piter, Amsterdam, New Year photos.

9/02/98 - Added story about Canada

8/29/98 - Added photos: Canada

6/03/98 - Added photos: Washington DC, Friends, Las Vegas

5/18/98 - Redesign of the frame system, buttons are removed

2/14/98 - Added buttons, changed text of Las Vegas story....

1/18/98 - Added story about our travel to Las Vegas

11/17/97 - Added Resume (My work)

11/05/97 -Page is under construction